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Are You Prepared to Retire?

Retirement used to conjure up images of lazy days spent in a rocking chair. Today’s retirement is very different. You might plan to open a business of your own. Or perhaps you’ll return to school for that degree you never

LPL Client Letter – August 24, 2015

Dear Valued Investor: August brings with it the end of summer, but in recent years, bouts of stock market volatility have been common. It is quite normal for stock prices to decline at some point almost every year. In 30 of

Leaving the Company? Know Your Retirement Plan Options

Your retirement plan may offer you several options for managing your retirement plan assets when you change jobs or retire. This article explains these choices in order to help you make the right decision. Your retirement plan may offer you

Choosing Between Traditional and Roth 401(k)s

Traditional and Roth 401(k) plans both provide tax-advantaged ways to save for retirement. Which works best for you will depend upon your unique circumstances. Many workers now have — or may soon have — a new retirement planning option to

Planning Your Required Distributions

For those in or near retirement, the age of 70½ is a key transition point: Retirees need to begin planning for required minimum distributions (RMDs) that are taken annually from employer-sponsored retirement plans and traditional IRAs. Understanding the rules can

Make the Most of Your 401(k)

If you’re like many other Americans, your employer may offer a 401(k) plan, which provides a convenient vehicle for saving for retirement. 401(k) plans allow you to contribute up to $17,500 in 2013 and additional amounts if you’re aged 50

Retirement Planning Tips for Fifty-Somethings

Entering your 50s and behind in your retirement planning goals? Don’t fret. You’ve still got time to get your financial plan back on track. There are many steps that older investors can take to better prepare themselves financially for retirement.

Top Ten Financial Considerations for Divorced or Separated Women

  If you are divorced or separated, mastering money will be an important part of your life. While money itself can’t buy or ensure happiness, your ability to manage your money will play a large role in your future financial security. And,


  The Baby Boom generation is about to trail blaze into another new era: retirement. Never a generation to accept the status quo, they are ready and set to redefine the outmoded image of “golden years.” Forget about endless days


  As you manage your taxes at year-end, one important, constant goal should be to reduce your adjusted gross income (AGI), which equals your gross income (salary, investment earnings, etc.) less your allowable deductions and exemptions. Maximizing your deductions and exemptions,